Chair’s Greetings

Chair’s Greetings

Welcome to Valtsika!

What is Valtsika, you may ask? It’s the Finnish nickname for the faculty in which you are beginning your studies. On behalf of Kannunvalajat, the student organization of the whole faculty, I want to welcome you all new international students to our Valtsika community! Whether you are here as a degree student or an exchange student, you are welcomed to enjoy our fresher events troughout the autunm.

Kannunvalajat is the student organization of the faculty and most of our event are also in English! In our organization we value equality and diversity, and providing different types of activities and being able to include all this is a top priority in plannin our work. We hope you take part in our events and enjoy the fresher autumn!

We have many other student organizations in or faculty too – almost 20 all in all for different programs and disciplines. One of the organizations, CISSI, is specifically directed and run by international students. You will hear from them during your first weeks as well!

There might come times, especially in the beginning of your studies, when it’s hard to figure out some things on your own. For example university bureaucracy, housing, public transport etc. Luckily you have helpful tutors to help you with all that! Your tutor is the most important person for you at the beginning so don’t hesitate to ask them and utilize their knowledge, whether it is with everyday life or related to your studies.

However, in the middle of all these things that need to be taken care of and even if studying might consume sometimes all of your energy, I want to encourage you to enjoy the variety of activities our faculty’s student organizations have planned for the autumn. There are fantastic opportunities to relax, party, mingle and especially socialize with other students throughout your stay.

If you ever happened to encounter any problems or unfairness with your studies, don’t hesitate to contact your tutor, us at Kannunvalajat, some other organizations or the Studen Union directly. We are here for you!

I hope Helsinki will treat you well and that Valtsika will give you the best memories!

Priska Niemi-Sampan

Chair 2019