Event Calendar

Event Calendar of Orientation Autumn 2022

Your autumn at the university will be busy but unforgettable! During the first few months you will meet a lot of new faces from all over Valtsika. Joining the events of Kannunvalajat is voluntary and it is not a mistake to not attend few.

So, participate as you like and enjoy your time!


27.8. KannuGames 

KannuGames is a welcome party for every new student in Valtsika! Students beyond study programs will gather to the grass beds of Suomenlinna to get know each other. Tutors host different games to familiarize one another.

Kannunvalajat organizes a mass departure to ferries to Suomenlinna so that every one will find their way. The tutors are also around the whole day and gather their own new students together before boarding. So, nobody’s alone. An after party will be hosted in some place the same evening too.

Come to enjoy summer with Valtsika and begin your student life here with a blast!

29.8 Orientation week begins!

Orientation week begins and the faculty and tutors will organize a lot of program during the time.


9.9. Fresher Orienteering of Kannunvalajat

In the orienteering, all the new students have an opportunity to go around the center of Helsinki doing playful checkpoints. The checkpoints will be hosted by different boards of student organizations and other organizations in Valtsika. In the evening there will be an after party to celebrate the success of the orienteers.

The orienteering is a great chance to get to know other students and the organizations of Valtsika!

12.9. / 13.9. YKA’s Fresher Event

YKA will organize its own fresher event just for Valtsika this fall! The event will be held in two parts: you can participate either on 12.9. or 13.9. You can sign up for this event via your tutor. YKA will reveal more about event soon!

23.9. Fresher Sitsit of Kannunvalajat

Sitsit is a Finnish academic table party. Now you can come to experience it yourself with some old-school masters and other excited beginners like you. There will be singing, three course menu, drinks and of course, epic time! Also, don’t forget the after party!



8-9.10 Fresher Camp

Kannunvalajat organizes a fresher cottage for everybody! New freshers, older freshers who never experienced the cabin and exchange students, who want to get to know the Finnish cottage culture are all welcome. Come enjoy the company!

And a lot more!

Kannunvalajat, other student organizations and others will organize a lot of events during the autumn to which you can join. For example Kannunvalajat will host couple of more sitsit and worklife event later.

See you this autumn!