A Fresher Tells

Life at its fullest

The Freshman-year is in that sense a paradox, that although in one hand it goes by way too fast, on the other it feels like an eternity. At the same time the last essays and projects came and were done in an eyblink, the first few weeks back in September feel like something that took place years ago.

For many, the beginning of studying is a reincarnation. The previous life becomes the backround story given to your character in this new epoque. The new life is full of content. Each week has it’s unique events, and it would be a difficult task to discover real boredom.

Most students are possible to fit into two categories: those who take the university in the side of life, and those for whom the university becomes the life. There is no wrong or right choice here, and I’m definitely not aiming to put these two into any sort of hierarchy. My aim is simply to express the possibilities; you can study in the university, and you can live in the university!

The first year can offer a massive amount of new experiences and things! As the most valuable one of these I hold the community. During the past year my friend- and connection circle has grown greatly.

The beginning of university undestandably causes stress and worry for many, and truly, we should not deny the challenges. The university is a very active community and also a large one. It can require a new kind of concentration and contribution. Studying itself too can cause stress of course. But even at the most difficult times support is near, from fellow students, tutors and staff of the university.

It is hard to accept that the first year is already finished and to think of myself as an “older student”. Still I feel like there is so much in the university to explore and try! The possibilities truly seem endless.

While I spend my summer trying to get used to this idea of not being a freshman anymore, I leave you to dream about and plan the upcoming year, which indeed for many will be one of the best of your lives! I give my congratulations for all new members of our community, to all new students of the Social Sciences Faculty!

Onni Mustakallio
Student (2018-) and a tutor for new students in 2019