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About Freshers’ Committee

Freshers’ Committee operates underneath Kannunvalajat.

Hi there, you fantastic fresher!

Well done on getting into Valtsika and welcome here!

The upcoming fall will most likely be no less than intense. Thinking back, last fall was full of big changes filled with enthusiasm and thrill. In my case, everything was new; the school, the people and Helsinki itself. Although it all felt overwhelming at first, it was also quite exciting. Luckily, Valtsika has been a safe place to learn and evolve as we value diversity and tolerance. From here you can find a wide spectrum of different, bright people to explore new topics and things with. Even though the first year was quite hectic, overall, it’s been unforgettably amazing. I feel lucky that I got to meet so many wonderful people along the way!

For many, the freshers’ year is a once in a lifetime experience and in my opinion, it went by surprisingly fast. The pressure to participate and socialize is high for many for understandable reasons, but because of that I also want to remind that it’s always a good idea to rest a bit if you feel like it! The upcoming fall luckily seems a lot like ”the old normal” when it comes to events and studying so there will be many chances to meet other freshers and students after the orientation week as well.

Applying to the freshers’ committee felt like a good idea especially because organizing events brings you a bit closer to other Valtsikafreshers as well. The committee itself consists of approx 12 first-year students and the idea is to arrange all kinds of events (mainly) for the freshers. In addition to that, we order the overalls and the freshers patch. And the best part of it all is probably the creativity that is more than recommendable when planning the events. The creativity and fun combined to the freshers’ cheery and festive energy created many amusing memories last year!

Moreover, being part of the the freshers’ committee was also very instructive as an experience. The committee faced some difficult situations along the year and overall somewhat stepped into the unknown because of the corona virus and restrictions. Despite of that, the year as a whole was unforgettable. I will never forget the memories that we created together! I highly recommend you to apply to the committee if you’re longing for something little more special related to the student activities and organizations. Without further parley, I’m hoping to see you during the fall!

Good luck with your studies and once again, welcome to Valtsika! Don’t forget to just take a pause sometimes and enjoy the unforgettable moments that life is about to bring you. 🙂

Best regards,

Eveliina Ruusola

Chairperson 2021-2022

Fresher’s committee of Kannunvalajat


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