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About Freshmen Committee

Freshmen Committee operates underneath Kannunvalajat.

Hi there!

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Social Sciences, or Valtsika as we call it. Your upcoming year will be just as fulfilling as you decide. There are numerous possibilities for you to choose from. I am here to let you know about the thing that made my past year very unique and that is The Freshmen Committee.

The Freshmen Committee (FTK – Valtsikan fuksitoimikunta) is a committee that consists of about 12 freshmen – you, that is. The two most important missions that FTK has, are to order the red overalls for all of the new students and to help the freshmen (and international students!) to get to know each other by organizing fun events. The events could be anything! Using your imagination to create new events and having the resources that Kannunvalajat provide is an amazing opportunity.

It is kind of cool that I get to write this piece of text for you, because last year reading this same text gave me my inspiration to apply for the Freshmen Committee. Back then I wasn’t quite sure what FTK really was, but what I did know for sure was that I sounded like something special and something I simply must apply for. And I am extremely glad I did. It was an honor to order our freshmen the red student overalls, organize our first own event, a sitz party (sitsit) wearing those red overalls and a completely new event concept, which was the Ratikkaristeily (“a tram cruise” – check our Instagram account @valtsikanftk for photos and videos from Ratikkaristeily). It was wonderful to see how our freshmen started to become friends and how they time and time again wanted to keep attending our events. The old FTK will help the new FTK to get started, so you don’t need any
experience in order to participate. Just apply when the application period starts!

Any questions? We’ll happily answer them both on Instagram @valtsikanftk or by email

Jessica Korhonen

Chair 2018-2019

Kannunvalajat Freshmen Committee



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