Kontakti ry is the association of sociology students and has been cultivating the sociological imagination of its’ members and friends since 1959. Despite of the old age, Kontakti is a lively and active association that offers a broad range of activities open for all curious students.

Sociology is a general social science discipline that is part of the Social Research programmes. Social is word that could be used to describe our association as well – in addition to supporting the studies of sociology students and arranging work life events, Kontakti also organizes various social, recreational and cultural events throughout the year. These include for example visits to theatres, parties, relaxed hangouts and the autumn classic, Festival of Shit Music. Environment and equality are aspects and values that are always present in everything we do.

Kontakti warmly welcomes everyone interested in the discipline itself or the company of sociologists to participate in the association’s activities. Follow us on social media to get the latest information about our events!

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