Society and Change

Hello and congratulations for receiving a place in the program of Society and Change
(Yhteiskunnallinen muutos) and in Faculty of social science in general! The newest and freshest
student organization in the faculty, Society and Change’s own Kumous ry, warmly welcomes you in
to the ”Yhmu” community!

Ahead of you is now a whole new sphere of people, habits, traditions and ways. In the first year
you’ll get familiar with the academic tablefiest ”sitsit”, the morning after brunch ”sillis”, Unicafe’s
lunches, Kuppala, Vappu and of course being part of the university’s scientific community and
studying in it. But what does being an ”Yhmu” and a member of Kumous mean? It means that you
get to explore and investigate the world from the viewpoints of four different academic disciplines
which form a unique community inside the university. The dynamics and the crossovers between
these disciplines can also be seen in the students of Society and Change in and out of the
university. Being an ”Yhmu” also means that you are in the realm of five different student
organizations which are your safety net. The organizations arrenge and hold all kinds of events
from excursions and trips to game nights and from discussion groups to “sitsit” and whatever our
members can come up with! And you have all of their events (and more!) to choose from at the
university. The great thing about this community is that all though there are many different views
and preferences, everyone can be an ”Yhmu” in their own personal way.

Kumous ry is a safe place for an ”Yhmu”. Kumous ry is the main organizer of the freshman events
like freshman sitsit and the freshman cabin and is also responsible for the tutor operation and the
study affairs of the Society and Change program. Kumous organizes the majority of freshman
events, but other organizations inside Society and change, Keho ry, Mana ry, Polho ry and Taso ry
are also there to help and support you. Our goal is to work as a bridge between between all these
organizations and to ensure that everyone gets to explore their possibilities evenly. Even if you
have a specific subject in mind or you don’t know at all which one of the disciplines is the one for
you, you can attend any these organizations events without hesitation!

Kumous ry has determined it’s values in it’s plan of action and they are: openness & genuineness,
communality, environmentally friendly action, equality, accountability and ”kumousness”. Further
explanations and how we are going to execute our value are in the plan of action, which is linked
below. However the most important of these is the ”kumousness” which means positive
progressiveness. It means that every members thoughts and ideas can affect the way that our
organization works and that we are reactive and adaptive in the midst of changes.

You’ll keep up with us easily by following our Facebook page & our
instagram account, catching up with our website and by joining to Society and
Change’s email list.

Whether you would like to generate change in the society or study and understand it, this is the
right place for you!


Website Yhmu @kehory