media and communication

Dear exchange student,

First of all, welcome to Helsinki! Our city is beautiful and packed with fun things to do. And the Finnish student life – that’s really something. You’re going to have a great time, trust us.

To experience the Finnish student life to the fullest, we present you Media ry. Media is the subject association for media and communications students at the University of Helsinki. Media and communication play a central role in the activities of various institutions and organisations. Modern democracies are based on public discussion, political communication and the creation of imagined communities. You will analyse and discuss these themes during your studies with some of the best researchers and inspiring people. Sounds quite nice, doesn’t it?

Because student life should not be only about studying, Media holds various events during the year. You can party till dawn, enjoy culture and sports, travel the world, inspire yourself during excursions to interesting companies and just hang out with great people. For example, we are celebrating our 47th anniversary with a glamorous annual ball in October. You are very warmly welcome there, just like to all our other events. And if you have a great idea for an event, don’t hesitate to contact one of our board members. We are here for you!

Media publishes also a well-known and highly acclaimed magazine, Groteski. Our magazine gives you a chance to develop your journalistic skills. It’s also the first media of many today’s professionals. Exchange students are warmly welcome to write too and our editor-in-chiefs are looking forward to meet you.

Congratulations for your good choice to study in the University of Helsinki. You will make lot’s of new friends and memories. And we sincerely hope that Media can be a part of your adventure here.


Website /viestinta Media ry-ryhmä @media_ry @media_ry Snapchat: @media_ry