Moodi welcomes you warmly to the University and the Faculty of Social Sciences! We are the statistics student society having roots deep in the Faculty of Social Sciences since 1968. Nowadays Moodi receives freshmen only in Kumpula. But we have made inferences and found out that there is no need to worry: this autumn we will be seen and heard at multiple Kannu events and (over-)represented by various actors of Kannu.

Moodi provides an array of exciting social and professional events such as sitsit (academic table party) and excursions to various companies. Sporty people should already choose to join the winning team “Mopsi” (the ball sports team of Moodi), as our players are real sports warriors at all significance levels. The best thing about Moodi is that once you come along, you will be remembered in the future. The reason is believed to be the compact group size, but we leave this for you to discover.

You don’t need to be statistics student to come along. So whether you have even the remotest interest in statistics or just want to meet some fabulous members of Moodi, we encourage you to join our events. This is an easiest way to get to know Moodi members. Don’t be surprised if while having fun there is a laptop between you and a Moodian, because we have discovered that there is a strong correlation between work and fun!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list in order to be updated with our events. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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