political history 

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Political history is one of the four branches of science we have in our program. It has been described as a ”prophet gazing backwards”, since its purpose is to give an understanding of the backgrounds of future and present political events. Political history isn’t simply ”the history of great men”, rather it contains studying scientific research for example of the Cold War, the history of nationalism, the development of the welfare state, and the politics of history. The goal is to understand our society in a variety of ways.

Hard work equals great fun, and that is what our student organizations are here for! Students of Political History association Polho is one of the various student organizations in the faculty of social sciences. Their main purpose is to create and sustain our awesome team spirit and organize different events, for example partys and excursions to possible future workplaces. Polhos mission is also to keep in touch with our own staff and take care of our students promotion of interest. Our magnificent tutors are here to help you in your first steps, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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