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Hey new freshman and welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences! The notoriously strict selection process has been passed and the gates to the University have opened along with endless possibilities. Congratulations on the excellent choice!

The freshman year is about to begin, and it should hopefully be one of your life’s most memorable years. You will at the very least get to know an absurd amount of new, interesting and like-minded people. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers fantastic opportunities to expand your understanding of our world and engage in the amazing events and parties. One can and should enjoy everything the freshman year has to offer. So, remember to take it easy and delight in this amazing phase of your life and don’t focus only on gathering the course credits. You should also consider participating in the extracurricular organizational and student activities, as this is a great way of getting to know your fellow students. Additionally, active participation in the student community will serve as a valuable experience for your future.

Stigma ry is the disciplinal students’ association for social and public policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. We serve as the guardian of interests for students and we aim to improve the students’ enjoyment and social interaction through various events and occasions. The association serves as a link between the personnel of the Faculty, the students and the teachers of the discipline. Stigma ry was founded in 1958, making it the oldest disciplinal students’ association at the Faculty. 2018 is a particularly important year for us as our association turns 60 years old! As such, this is an excellent year to become a part of Stigma’s history and leave your own mark in it as well. All of our activity is open to everyone regardless of whether or not you’re studying social policy. In our events you may also have the opportunity to encounter Stigma’s mascot, Yhpo-nalle!

As an applied social science, our discipline aims to produce solutions into the concurrent and concrete social issues of our society as well as improve the wellbeing of all members of our society. Social and public policy allows our students to understand inequality and a wide array of social risks such as unemployment, poverty, sickness or aging. We also do not observe the issues from some ivory tower, rather, we maintain a very concrete grasp in our relevant questions and attempt to provide concrete solutions to these issues. Here at University of Helsinki our studies are focused on ageing, disability, environmental policy, social policy and urban studies.

We want to support freshmen as much as we can, so you are more than welcome to hit us up with your questions that you can ask face-to-face or through email (our email addresses can be found on our website). You’re welcome to participate in our activity right away from the start of your studies, and we are eager to see new faces amongst our midst. You can find the more accurate information on upcoming events via our Facebook page and website. Come meet us, have fun or just hang out.

Have a bright summer!

Stigma ry

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