social and culture anthropology

Hey you, freshmen of Society and Change-program, and a warm welcome to valtsika! We are glad that you have chosen this exciting program. Society and Change’s four disciplines: social- and cultural anthropology, development studies, economic and social history, and political history all approach social change from a slightly different standpoints – still complementing each other. Our student organizations have the same idea in mind, welcoming you to the valtsika-society, and also complementing your student experiences with our own personal events and traditions. Together with Society and Change-tutors, our goal is to get you familiar with your new student-friends and have loads of fun during your freshman year.

From Society and Change disciplines, Social and Cultural Anthropology approaches societal change through social and cultural factors, often from the grassroots level. By utilizing participatory observation and ethnography, anthropological research can help us understand why social change does not occur similarly around the globe,
and shed light on how different persons perceive social change. Väki, the student organization of Social and Cultural Anthropology, wants to warmly welcome you to explore our activities. Your first chance to meet us will be the freshmen events, where we will be hanging out (with the other Society and Change student organizations).

Our own events are a great way to meet new people who you would not probably get to know otherwise. Our events are open for everyone, even if anthropology might not be your cup of tea. With us, you could be exploring the refreshing woods of Nuuksio, visit museums and art exhibitions, or just chill out during a movie night. During our next term Väki is going to focus particularly on work life events, so you – the first year students – get a sense what a wide range of career options anthropology offers you.

So, to repeat, welcome to our valtsika and our lovely community!


/hyvakiry @vakiryhallitus