We create Valtsika

Student life for everyone!

University studies are more than just reading to exams and endless group project – as you probably know. In Valtsika student life is also about parties, big emotions, saving the world and feeling safe and secure. To be able to give the last feeling to everyone, we all need to participate in creating safer and warm place to each other.

As academics and social scientists we know a lot about effects of discourses and ways of action. Discourses and how we act are simulations of the society we live in and verify for example power positions. Older students and organizations have done long-term work for securing everyone’s right to be who they are in Valtsika. The equality principles and safety procedures in Valtsika community are top quality in the University of Helsinki and besides of organizers of events, it is responsibility of everyone to take care of executing them. 

The events in Valtsika follow safer space guidelines which aim to create policy that helps everybody to feel welcome, comfortable and know how to act in uncomfortable situation instead of adjusting to them. So, please note that for example these actions are not tolerated in Valtsika community

  • Creating, spreading and maintaining stereotypes for example about job status, residence or nationality, student organization, faculty, political views, race or gender
  • Using groups of people, for example sexual and gender minorities or persons with disabilities, as swear words
  • Judging and name-calling others for example for their dressing or appearance
  • Assuming someone’s identity, gender, sexuality, nationality or something similar based on someone’s qualities. When you are assuming, try to recognise your assumptions. Respect others over your own preconceptions.
  • Any kind of harassment, violence, intolerance or exclusion

The aim of safer space is to build an atmosphere where people can communicate and live freely. So again, as academics and social scientists we can respect and appreciate each other’s thoughts and we try to solve actively different kinds of challenges together. Remember, when you arrive to Valtsika, that you can with your own actions affect positively to others’ well-being and safety in Valtsika community!

Pics © Pekko Korvuo and Juho Valta