Kannunvalajat is the social sciences students’ association at the University of Helsinki. Founded in 1945, it promotes the students’ interests during the whole span of studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences and beyond. Kannunvalajat also acts as a student organization for the entire faculty, thus enhancing cooperation between students of different disciplines.

Comprising of around 3500 enthusiastic members, Kannunvalajat has a vivid history of raising up social discussion and bringing a fresh point of view to sometimes stagnant discussion. Since the student movements of the 70’s, Kannunvalajat has retained its interest on daily politics and spoken for students’ status in Finland.

Kannunvalajat serves its members as a promoter of students’ rights, good studying conditions and quality teaching at the University of Helsinki. It also organizes a large range of traditional social activities during the year.

The organization has its own cram school company, called Kannustin. Also, the faculty student magazine, Tutkain, is associated with Kannunvalajat. The magazine operates in Finnish, but if you wish to spread your wings in editorial staff, please contact the editor-in-chef Janne Suutarinen (janne.suutarinen@helsinki.fi).


Besides a magazine and a cram school, Kannunvalajat has several different committees. The committees allow participants to take part in planning and executing action for Kannunvalajat in Valtsika. Kannunvalajat wishes its members to have an active role in the faculty and in the organization.

You can join committees by simply attending their meetings. The meetings will be announced beforehand.

Right now active committees are:

  • Kannunparantajat – participates in developing Kannunvalajat more environmental friendly and equal
  • Culture Committee – creates more diverse cultural events for Kannunvalajat and organizes VALTAVA festival at the beginning of autumn
  • Committee for Study Affairs – advocates for students’ rights in Kannunvalajat
  • Urheiluministeriö alias Sports Committee – develops and promotes sports events of Kannunvalajat in the faculty
  • Annual Ball Committee – is active only in Spring Term but organizes the highlight of the year: the Annual Ball of Kannunvalajat