development studies

Welcome, a new international student! Keho Ry, the student organization of development studies warmly welcomes You to study in the programme of Society and Change and in the faculty of Social Sciences! The year ahead of you is going to be amazing!

In the University of Helsinki, it is possible to specialize to development studies in the study programme of Society and Change. Society and Change offers useful tools for understanding themes like globalization, society and the changes related to it and world’s problems. Development studies strives to examine these themes especially from the point of view of developing countries. The field of development studies is traditionally very interdisciplinary, and it is possible to specialize to many different themes and areas.

Together with each other, Kumous, Keho, Taso, Mana and Polho form YHMU (Yhteiskunnallinen muutos) that is going to organize lots of amazing events throughout the year. In these events, you can get to know other people studying same themes and interested in same matters. You can have long conversations about saving the world, however, not to forget enjoying each other’s company and having fun. These events are also a great chance to get to know some traditions of Finnish universities, like the traditional table party Sitsit. International tutors together with YHMU’s tutors are there to help you with starting the studies and settling to Helsinki, and they will make sure that nobody will get left alone with questions or problems.

Keho Ry will continue to organize smaller events concerning development studies and the students of our discipline, and You are warmly welcome to take part in these activities. We are a small and relaxed group of people discussing world’s problems and it is easy to come to our events as you are. The events are a refreshing getaway from student’s everyday life but, also a good way for networking between students among Keho as well as other student organisations.

Besides organizing events, Keho Ry serves as a link between students, teachers, graduates and the staff of the discipline. The student organization acts as a guardian of students’ interests and stands for their rights in the level of disciplines and faculty. Hence the rather new programme of Society and Change, Development Studies will focus more on the working life, promotion of interests of students and events characteristics to Keho. Furthermore, we work in cooperation with NGOs, companies and graduate students.

Keho Ry welcomes you one more time and hopes to see you in our and YHMU’s events and at the campus!


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