social research

Congratulations, you are now officially part of our magnificent team of social researchers. This year is going to be unprecedentedly fantastic and one of the greatest experiences of your student life. Finally, it is time to leave behind all the matters related to entrance examination and enter whole new world of social structures, Durkheim and the welcoming embrace of communality.

Hence we have our great student association called Konstruktio ry, it is not needed to hide entire semester inside library, as Konstruktio organizes all kinds of events to students. Konstruktio is a student association which offers something for everyone, and every student is part of Konstruktio despite the stages of studies or major subjects. Consequently, do not be afraid to ask for advices, help or for instance a friend to have coffee with.

During academic year Konstruktio organizes several occasions: freshman initiation party, freshman initiation ritual, thoughtful events for discussion in Kuppala, refreshing culture-experiences as well as interesting working life excursions. Already early in the autumn you have chance to take part in our football team called Muurisen potku (no need to have professional skills in football) and if you rather are into designing magazine, you are warmly welcomed to participate in making our very own magazine called Diskurssi.

By now, when you have passed the ordeal of entrance exam, you must have noticed the spectrum of social sciences and the endless possibilities to observe world throughout it. Fascinating courses and Konstruktio’s intense collaboration between social psychology, social work, sosiology and social policy will guide you to find your own interest. So hold on for new experiences and opportunities beyond your imagination!

To follow all the events and frolics of Konstruktio, join as a member and follow us on social media (on Facebook and Instagram).We are happy to say that Konstruktio consists of varied group of people which may all differ from each other but are all connected by heart. This will be a year that you will not forget. Therefore, get ready for you first year as a social researcher and see you in autumn!


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