Overalls 101

Introduction to Overalls

Now something about those overalls that every single student seems to own in a Finnish university. They are the greatest indicator of one’s studies, faculty and school.

It is also common to exchange a leg with one’s partner.

In the Faculty of Social Sciences, the colour of the overalls is red.


    1. You shall not wash your overalls
      Only acceptable way to clean your overalls is to wear them and swim or go to shower with it.
    2. Don’t cover the sponsors
      It’s a bit unpolite to sew patches right away over the sponsors. Cover first the open space.
    3. Overalls are more commonly used only from the waist down
      The overalls are usually tied around the waist. Although when it’s cold or Vappu (Mayday) people wear it sometimes entirely.
      A pro tip: if you can, try to tie the overall the way that the sign in your back is visible. Also, using a belt is advisable.
    4. A traditional accessory for overalls is a champagne glass.
      Buy a clip and a plastic glass. The glass will a nice extra when you want to drink something.

Overall traditions of social scientists

The overalls are worn to all major events, for example to Vappu or appros.

Unlike in other faculties or majors, the overalls are not usually worn to sitsit or sillis. However, there’s no actual code for this and everybody can use their overalls the way they want. 

It’s also traditional that older students wear the overalls during the autumn events even if they are not tutors.

When can I get my overall?

The overalls are ordered by Freshmen Committee which consists students from all the branches of degree programs. A new Freshmen Committee is assembled at the beginning of the autumn. The overalls are fit in the autumn and sponsors are also collected during that time. A fresh patch of overalls arrive somewhere in turn of December.