Welcome to the faculty!

Dear international student

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences! This guide is for you whether you’re an exchange student or a program student. Here you can find a lot of useful information about Valtsika (which is shortening for our Faculty in Finnish).

I hope your stay in Finland and in our University will be the most pleasant and full of new friends, interesting courses and fun parties. We have great community which will take you in with open arms. We aim at letting everyone express themselves as they are and be free of any harassment. Obviously, this is what we expect for you to do as well.

Student organizations play a big role in the Finnish university culture. You can join different organizations and participate in their events. Especially in Valtsika there is the international organization called CISSI that will probably become the most familiar to you. You can find information about different organizations from this guide. We, Kannunvalajat, are the organization that integrates the whole community and all the members of our faculty are welcome to our events regardless of the program they study in.

Other important part of our university culture is the overalls that goes hand in hand with different faculties and programs. They are used in many student events and they come in all colors. Our faculty’s color is bright red, and during the year you’ll have an opportunity to purchase your own pair of overalls as well. Many like to decorate the overalls with different kind of patches from events and also buy certain ones as a sign of identity. It might seem funny at first, but just embrace it!

Before you start studying, there is the orientation week when your tutors will show you places and help you settle in. However, there will be a big start of the year event, KannuGames, already the Saturday before orientation week and you’re more than welcome there. There you can meet other students from our faculty and get your autumn started with some fun games and a great party.

Meanwhile, as you anxiously wait to start your studies here, you can get a little peak inside through this guide. There will be a lot of unfamiliar words and places to meet at the beginning. To help you get around and understand what’s the topic of a discussion we have made this campus map and vocabulary for you. See you soon!

Hanna Marttila

Freshers and Tutors Coordinator 2019

Kannunvalajat ry