Welcome to the faculty!

Welcome in Valtsika fresher of 2022!

Hello fresher!

Welcome to the mightiest Valtsika! You will probably congratulate yourself plenty of times during your fresher fall because of you’ve have made your way to the coolest Faculty on earth!

I dare to say you have one of the most unforgettable steps of your life just in front of you! There are many kinds of routes you might have come to get here: from your own home university, straight from high school, after a couple of year offs. The way you got is not significant any longer, but the big things that are coming!

I remember the feeling when I got the information, I have been accepted to Valtsika. Smile widened on my face, and I got a bunch of butterflies in my stomach. The butterflies kept flying that day and the feeling was confused but rewarding. That day I knew I’ll be seeing gorgeous buildings in Helsinki and smell the sea wind. It was an exotic thought for a boy from Eastern Finland.

Everything started to escalate when my fresher fall started. Fresher fall is a series of wunpredictable and unforgettable events, but it can also stressful. Events will appear to calendar after one another, you should get to know a lot of new people, memorize the new information about Finnish academic culture and student community, keep your mind open and attitude positive, and to do your studies! Hmph… quite an impossible equation. Let’s pull breaks here!

In integrating to student community, the most important thing is to take care of your well-being. You won’t be forgotten if you can’t attend to all events. You don’t have to aim at making a network of new people, new friends will appear around you if you just be yourself. When the information flood strikes, 95 % of new the flood will go back to where it came from, and you will remember the rest 5 %. So, don’t make any unnecessary pressure to yourself or panic when fresher fall begins!

So that everything goes as fluently as possible, I’m happy to announce that you have the most talented tutors of Valtsika with you! Tutors are the ones, you can ask questions related to university, studies, student community or anything that comes to your mind. They are here to support you, also after the orientation week. So, you don’t need, and you shouldn’t make your trip alone in Valtsika.

At this moment, you have the Fresher guide by Kannunvalajat in your hands. It has been made just for you, and it contains everything important of your next adventure. I recommend you to check out at least fresher dictionary, campus map, events, and student organizations of Valtsika.

Valtsika provides an environment where there is something for everyone. I recommend at least considering applying to fresher committee. Fresher committee is a group of freshers who are responsible for ordering our bright red overalls, for example. The application starts in September!

As a very positive note, there seems to be no Covid-19 restrictions next fall. Two years in a row, we had to adapt to the circumstances of that time. But now everything looks good!

After all, fresher fall is wonderful time of your life. Tutors and I are more than ready to take you into our amazing student community! See you at Kannugames on 27th of August!


Tatu Hiltunen

Freshers and Tutors Coordinator 2022

Kannunvalajat ry